Velominati: The Rules

There’s a ton of unwritten rules within cycling that anyone riding more than a few years will start to pick up, so long as they don’t ride only on Sunday down a wide boulevard.

Many of those rules are now written in stone, and can be found here: Velominati Rules of Cycling

I’ve broken many of those, but I also adher to some of them. Examples:

Rule #25  // The bikes on top of your car should be worth more than the car.

Yup, this is true, of all my bikes.

Rule #26 // Make your bike photogenic.

I also do this.

Rule #54 // No aerobars on road bikes.

This will change. I can’t afford, or need, a full on TT bike but I do want aerobars.

Rule #58 // Support your local bike shop.

Usually I do this, but there’s some things I still buy online.

So where do you stand on some of these rules? Read the list here and comment below!

3 Responses to Velominati: The Rules

  1. LOVE “The Rules”! So unspoken, yet so true! I would say that I follow #36 & consequently #39 (re: eyewear), I am an habitual breaker of rule #7 because, well, bikini season needs to be less hilarious for on-lookers & I do enjoy the mini-skirt (which always looks best without the cycling short tanlines). I am a HUGE believer in rule #20 (one should not take breaks or walk for god’s sake, but suck it up, & ride the bike). #5 should be henceforth known as The Johnny Hoogerland Rule. #thatisall

    • Haha, love #5. I have the Hoogerland Shirt from Stomachofanger as well.

      As far as tan lines, having red hair means I don’t tan, so there’s only so much I have to worry about.

      Thanks for the comment!

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