Myles Standish Road Race and Dinner Report

Team Fatty and Fat Cyclist at Carlo's in Allston, MA
Left to right: Bruce, Hammer, Fatty, Ryan, Me, Philly Jen, Jeff, Betsy, Ellen

My first real race of the year was yesterday: Myles Standish Road Race. It was 20 miles in total, with 4 laps of a 5 mile course in the Myles Standish State Forest. I knew a fair number of people competing from both NEBC and the race clinic, so the whole event ended up being pretty social (at least before and after the race).

Our goal was to line up at the front, but we blinked and we ended up at the back. Not sure how that happened. The ladies from Ride Studio Cafe had a large team and started first, but through the first mile or so Liz and I moved up towards the front. To me the race was pretty quick, maybe because I’m not used to the speed, which ultimately meant I dropped off a little ways into the second lap. There was a bit more climbing than I expected, so the first lap average was 20mph, but the 2nd lap dropped to 18mph and it was downhill from there.

Midway into the 2nd lap Audrey from BRC and the lady in the bright pink (sorry I can’t remember your name!) caught up to me and I stayed with them as long as possible, but on a climb I dropped off the back again. I did the last two laps in time trial mode to cut my losses, and ended with an unofficial time of 1:15:30 (there was no official time for me :() The winner did it in :59:07, which is a bit faster than last year’s 1:06. Oh well. An average speed of 21mph over 20 miles is not something I can do right now.

Here’s the official results.

Takeaways from the race: ride more, damnit! I thought I did well tactically, keeping to the front of the group, finding a strong wheel and sticking to it, till I popped at least, but I need more speed and power. I know climbing is more of a mental thing, and since we’re working on climbing on Saturday for the next NEBC clinic, I’m looking forward to getting some good hints and tips.

Later on in the evening Ryan and I went down to Carlo’s in Allston to meet with fellow Team Fatty members, and Fatty himself. Fatty and the Hammer (Eldon and Lisa) are in town for the Boston Marathon, so we made sure they ate well and had a great night talking bikes. Philly Jen and I had a evil idea for an event (think FRAAM) which may or may not actually happen, but I would totally love to do it. We’ll see.

Right now Fatty and the Hammer passed the 15k mark, and hopefully we’ll see them finish in a couple of hours!

PS: If you took any photos of the Cat 4 women’s race yesterday at Myles Standish, I would love to see them 🙂

Edit: Fatty and the Hammer finished the Boston Marathon! Also Jeff has a good writeup of marathon events here.

Edit edit: Fatty’s Part 1 writeup is here!

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    • I just talked to Mike a bit this morning, looks like he’s going to a few other races I’m doing, too. Thanks for the link! A lot of people are searching for images and finding my post…

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