Did Lance Dope?

LivestrongThis is going to be the only time you hear me talk about this.* I don’t care to discuss it via social media, or email, or in person and especially not on a ride. In fact, if I hear someone mention the issue of doping, especially with Lance, then I’m apt to either sprint on ahead or drop back, depending on with whom I’m riding. Edited because I didn’t stick to this.

Did Lance dope? Possibly, probably, sure why not. So did a number of cyclists back in the day. If Lance’s TdF victories are stripped, I wonder how far down they’d have to go to find the winner who hadn’t been found guilty of doping. There was an article in Bicycling about this some time ago, and they had a little chart of who in that era wouldn’t be able to accept, as they had been stripped of results. There was a lot.**

I don’t fucking care if Lance doped, to be honest. Yes he was a huge part of getting me interested in racing, and was the reason I first started watching the Tour. But he’s not the reason I continue to ride, or continue to watch the Tour. That’s because I love the sport, and I love that race. Him getting charged, or even getting banned from the sport, has nothing to do with my daily life, because I don’t let it.

Unfortunately I follow a number of people in the online world who like to point fingers and laugh at Lance’s situation. I’m not sure why. Sure, him doping means he misled a great number of people, for a long time even. If he’s found guilty, or whatever the USADA is capable of, there will be more lawsuits and other crap I won’t care to listen to. I understand that they want to feel vindicated, but they’re holding a personal grudge against someone who doesn’t care about your opinion. They also happen to represent brands I buy from, which leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Whatever. I’m just free-writing my thoughts here.

Lance may have doped, they all may have doped, but I still love this sport. I get on my bike for myself, not for something a pro cyclist does or doesn’t do. I still support LIVESTRONG as it’s supported so many others. I will follow along with the story just to see where it goes, but I don’t care to talk about it any longer.

Have fun being vindictive, I’ll be out riding my bike.

*Minus promoting the blog, of course.

** EDIT: Now with more diagrams.

5 Responses to Did Lance Dope?

  1. Letting Lance get away with a decade of fraud helps no one but Lance. Setting the record straight, publicly bringing the truth to light, and making all aware of how he and others cheated will help bring up a new generation of cyclists and racers that will hopefully learn a less or two and keep their careers clean.

  2. Ashley, I wouldn’t have said it better.
    I don’t see cleary how this would make our lives better. If it is proven that he cheat, and if someone proves how he cheated, that won’t do much good for today’s anti doping fight. Doping has evolved inmensely since Lance, and detection methods have evolved accordingly.
    So then what? Strip Lance of his titles and give them to…. Escartin, Zubeldia, Azevedo… But then, of course, I would like to see them scrutinized the same, to make sure they are worthy.
    You are right. Let’s just go out and ride.

  3. Ashley,
    Lance is the most-tested athlete in the world and he has passed EVERY drug test he’s ever been given over a 25-year racing career. If here’s been doping, he is the greatest doper in the world. USADA has a vendetta, their witnesses are all folks who have failed tests or who have helped athletes dope.

  4. If he doped were can I get some.really who fucking cares.Tax dollars at work lets hang those bastards

  5. Santayana might have a thought that you might want to check regarding ignoring what …

    And to put precision in my words – LA should be stripped as other doping athletes were sanctioned. But more importantly, every Ferrari and Bruyneel, all the Celayas and Del Moral and Martís should be identified and removed from assisting athletes. And those authorities that enabled him or looked the other way should be removed. Proving that they cheated and investigating these situations allows us to at least know more of the mechanisms for getting away with it.

    If LA is the greatest doper in the world, how can you not punish him? Based on that logic we should pardon the biggest defrauders and the most prolific sociopaths and genocides. Go big or go home, baby.

    To Bob: you don’t need to mislead or lie to make a point: Hincapie, CVV, Zabriskie and Barry never tested positive or enabled doping. But don’t let reality get in the ways of your beliefs. The true faithful are proud. He’s not the most tested athlete in the world (WADA/USADA tested K. Armstrong more, simply because she competed more than Lance). I have no problem with the argument that the results shouldn’t be passed to another doper – simply strike them out or put an asterisk.

    I take no pleasure in this situation, but saying “carry on, nothing to look at here, water under the bridge” is ethically untenable. Might as well not have laws and rules. Marion Jones would like that and get her medal back. The retort to the last line could be “go back to hiding your head in the sand”. I love cycling, it is just that my heart was broken much earlier (Pantani) and can actually enjoy this without feeling that Wiggins, Hesjedal, or Lance are some sort of glowing messiah that are divine and perfect. Good people cheat, bad people do good things. And those that break the rules should be sanctioned accordingly.