DIY Electronic Shifting aka OMFGWANT

DIY electronic bike shifting
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I came across some links to creating your own electronic shifting derrailleur over on Bicycle Design and my jaw hit the floor. I love the idea of electronic shifting, and I’ve seen it in action on a few bikes. The issue is it’s nowhere near my priorities as far as purchasing, and Di2, even the Ultegra one, is not cheap.

The DIY version, from what I can tell, won’t cost me an arm and a leg.

This is the link to the post on Instructables and here’s the GitHub.

So what’s the plan on incorporating this? Well I am still planning on building my cross bike, but until there’s plans on making this virtually indestructible, electronic shifting on a bike I’m going to beat up isn’t a good idea. Instead I’m thinking of first adding it to the Raleigh, since I ride it at most an hour at a time or so, which hopefully is in the range of time the LiON battery would last.

The Raleigh is also a 7 speed in the rear, and since I almost never get into the big ring up front, not having an e-front derr wouldn’t be an issue. It would also complete this mix of new tech and old bike thing the Raleigh has going on.

What are your thoughts? Have you had experience with electronic shifting before?

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