Cyclocross Bike Build: Part 4

Custom built cyclocross bikeThis weekend was about doing the final touches on the cross bike, getting the fit better, adjusting the shifting and brakes, etc. So Saturday was spent mostly at the shop, partially on the trainer, and Sunday was an hour road ride (on the cross bike) and my 5th Coffeeneuring ride (only two left!).

My usual bike shop haunt is Beverly Cycles, and Bill loved my bike when I brought it up. He did not, however, love the way I taped the handlebars, or how the brakes worked. So, after retaping the bars and adjusting the rear caliper I hopped on the trainer in the shop for a bit to get the fit right. I did an hourish ride yesterday on the cross bike, and I still don’t think the fit is right. I had originally raised the seat, then lowered it, but on the road and riding to work today I think it needs to be raised slightly.

Dunkin Donuts, Wilmington, MAI wanted to finally get over to Harold Parker State Forest, as it’ll be someplace to work on my ‘cross skills, and I realized that it’s a whopping 4 miles from my house. I’ll be going there a lot more, methinks. It was a bit chilly and very windy, plus the bike was having some issues, so after my loop through Harold Parker and coffeeneuring stop downtown, I headed home.

Coffee Shop Stop #5

  • Location: Dunkin Donuts, Wilmington, MA
  • Date: 10/21/12
  • Drink: small decaf…
  • Notes: …and a pumpkin donut!
  • Total Mileage: 17.7 miles


So in some non-cycling related things, well semi-cycling related, last week I made the Best Cake in the World, as seen on

The Best Cake in the World
The Best Cake in the World |

To which Fatty replied:


And it was Zoe’s 1st birthday:

Zoe's Birthday Treat
Zoe’s Birthday Treat

It’s no longer a rest week for me, but seeing as my coach won his race yesterday, I don’t yet know what this week’s plan entails. There’s a cross race a bit south on Saturday, which would work as I’m going to CT anyway, but I’ll need to get tires and button up some random issues first.

Did you get any cycling done this weekend?

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    • Not sure, if anything I would only do Sunday, as Saturday I already have plans. Sooo it’s a bit of a drive for one day, especially on a Sunday. We’ll see. I’m thinking Canton on Saturday if I can get my shit together.

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