My First Cyclocross Crash

So it’s fairly easily known that I’m a klutz. I have a permanent bruise on my shins from trying to maneuver around the bed at night, I drop things regularly and don’t remind me of the time I tried to hop over a rope fence, tripped and landed face first in a parking lot. My mom should remember that one. I’ve also crashed my bike a few times, but when I was a kid, so the usual elbow and knee abrasions. I’ve been damn lucky not to have crashed on my bike within the last 10 years, so I was about due.

Yes, I crashed my bike. My newly built cyclocross bike. In my driveway.

I commute to and from work everyday, a whopping mile, and as I got home I figured I’m on the cross bike, I might as well try another running dismount to get the hang of things. I was very successful the other day at it, that hour of watching YouTube videos paid off. This time, I was not so lucky. I’m going to go ahead and blame me having the messenger bag on, because without it I would have totally made the landing.

Instead, mid-step-thru, I put my right leg behind my left leg (mistake), tried to unclip and went overboard. I laughed a bit, so the very long line of cars would think that A: it was planned that way or B: I’m crazy. Also that I was ok. Yeah, sure. Unfortunately we have a rock driveway, so as soon as I detangled myself from bike and stood up, I realized I’d be hurting for awhile. At roughly 5 miles an hour, plus the speed of my fall, it shouldn’t have hurt that bad, but according to today’s soreness I landed on mostly my left quad, a bit of my shoulder and a good deal on my left buttocks. I iced my leg a bit last night and this morning, and there’s not enough of a bruise to make it all worthwhile, but damn it hurts.

Ah, the dog just jumped on me. My ribs hurt, too, where the bike landed.

Ok, so this wasn’t an epic crash of any sorts, and I figured no one I knew saw it, so I’m good, right? Wrong. Not 10 minutes after it happened I get this:

Facebook Message
A message on Facebook. Names protected to salvage my ego.

So that was my first cyclocross crash. They’re all done with now, right? What was your most embarrassing crash?

10 Responses to My First Cyclocross Crash

  1. When I crashed (doing a wheelie in the driveway. Inner voice screaming “Don’t do this clipped in”) the worst part was going to the ER. “What happened?:” “I crashed my bike.” “Motorcycle?” :”No peddle.” “How?” “Doing a wheelie, in the driveway.” “In the driveway?” Sigh, “yes in the driveway”. Re-aggravated that injury last night playing hockey…..Sigh…..

  2. Probably the time I stupidly took my 29er to the pump track at Ray’s. Two pumps and I folded the front wheel and went over the bars. This was about two months after my last faceplant so I was a little gun shy on my new bike…

  3. This one embarrassing only because I was at a stoplight and had an audience of cars and pedestrians stopped there with nothing to do but watch this fool. So, I came to stop and unclipped from my left pedal. A perfectly-timed gust of wind came blasting from my right and blew me over. No owies, but really embarrassing.

    • Hey Les, thanks for commenting! I’ve done similar things before. There’s been more than a few times that I’ve been at red lights with one foot down, and had to put my hand on a car to stop myself from falling over.

  4. Feel your pain, after months of recovery form getting doored, crashed again it was a loose DT and messed FD limit. Chain popped of and i went side way into an empty bike rack. Minor bruising on thigh, suggested to add training wheels.

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