Easy Morning Coffee Rides

Andrew's Bike
This is the bike that Andrew rode. Never seen one before! Interesting way of having a front and rear suspension.

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking of how it’s generally hard to find someone to ride with for an easy ride on the weekends. I figured planning something in advance would work better, and the Easy Morning Coffee Ride group was formed.

Yesterday was our first meetup, and though I was originally expecting 8 of us, there ended up being 4. I met Peter, Kevin and Andrew in the parking lot of the local high school (my start location was a bit biased) and we headed off for an easy 20 mile out-and-back to Ride Studio Cafe.

Ride Studio Cafe is fast becoming one of my favorite places. It’s only 10 miles from my house, has excellent mocha lattes and has a bike shop inside to boot. Yes ok their women’s team was one of the ones kicking everyone’s collective asses this year, but it’s still a great place. I had tried to join their 9am ride, until I had a bottle-related-mechanical, but this time it was to be a mellow ride.

The group’s cycling history was quite varied, from being newer to the sport to doing Pan Mass Challenges year after year, but for the most part we stuck together for the social ride. It wasn’t too cold out, the rain had cleared off and there was only a couple of hills on the route. On the way down to RSC we must have hit some glass, as after warming up and coffee we came outside to Andrew’s flat tire. He thankfully had a tube for the smaller-size wheels and got it fixed in the shop quickly. (Why do it ourselves when we can stand inside in the warmth and stare at bike pron?)

Ok, back outside, hop on the bike and Peter points out that I had a flat, too. Oi! Wheel off, back into the shop for a few minutes while the mechanic, Jeff, took care of it. We finally were able to leave the shop and headed back the way we came, but made a slight deviation to head up rt 3A to 62 and back to the school.

Overall it was a nice ride, being fairly social, meeting new people and drinking good coffee. I can’t wait for the next one.

That said, if you’re in the eastern MA area and are interested in going out for slow base mile rides, feel free to join the group!

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5 Responses to Easy Morning Coffee Rides

  1. Ohmigosh, Ashley. For a minute I thought, WOW! I can join Ashley for a ride, (since my Cyclopaths aren’t riding so much), but then I saw all of the flat tires you guys had and… geesh, I can not change a flat tire. Seriously. It took me 45 minutes one day to change my tire. (I’ve even admitted on my Cyclopath profile that I can not do it. And now I KNOW I’d get one the minute I joined you.) I hate riding alone in the winter, though. So sad.

    • Well we must have run over something on the way. We has the flats changed at the shop. Don’t let fear of flats hinder you from joining us! As I said in the past meetup, bring supplies to change one, but I can show you how to change it or change it for you.

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