Fat Bike Love

Last night and this morning I rode my friend’s fat bike around. Last night it was up to the top of Pearl Hill, where it was proudly my slowest ride ever. This morning it was just to breakfast to watch a race go by with some shenanigans afterwards.

The different thing about this fat bike is its got drop bars instead of flat. Made for some neat sprinting last night but I think I’d rather have flat bars or at least wider drop bars.



2 Responses to Fat Bike Love

  1. All my friends have gone fat! Out of the 10-15 people I ride with regularly I think 12 of them have fat bikes now.

    • Ha. Yeah I don’t own one, was just borrowing it, but it was a lot of fun. On the road I was working too hard trying to keep up, and up a hill was useless, but I can see how riding it offroad, especially this time of the year, can be fun. I’m hoping I can borrow one when I’m back in the States. Also, there’s a Fat Bike race series starting the 23rd? in Stratham…

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