When in Penang…

…train, train, train.

I’ve been doing a lot of riding lately and less writing, so sorry for the lack of updates. Last week was 17.5 hours on the bike, and 263 miles, half of which was done on Saturday. Yeah, I did a 138 mile ride on Saturday. Nuts.

I’ve since recovered and went out in the rain this morning, which was convenient considering my last post. Tuesday mornings are arse-kicking rides with a local group, so since I was already soaked by the time I got there and saw it was canceled, I just kept riding. Just keep riding is a recent mantra for me, apparently.

Usually this time of year my motivation to ride is nill, but with beautiful weather (most of the time) and excellent routes I can’t help but to hop on the bike. I’m hoping to try a new route this afternoon, and another double riding day tomorrow (road in the AM, MTB in the late-afternoon).

It’s weird not having any set goals for riding, except that I want to be fast next summer when I’m in the states again for some races. There doesn’t seem to be any local CX races when I’m home later this month, which is what I was hoping for, but I’ll live. I forsee some long, slow, cold rides to and from a coffee shop or two on the Raleigh, as well as getting the Trek back to running condition for on the rollers.

So that is about it. I’m riding a lot, spending time at the shop and doing design work for clients. What are you guys up to? I heard it’s cold or something back home ;)

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  1. bicycle bill says:

    Its ride inside time at Beverly Cycles – Wednesday and Friday 6-7:30. Love to see you if you have time when you are back in town.

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