How to Look Classy While Fixing a Puncture

You’ve probably already seen the video of Lance explaining how to change a punctured tube. It’s not geared towards us avid cyclists, because hey, I can change a flat in my sleep. Thus, I didn’t bother watching the video until just now.

What caught my eye wasn’t the blatant ad for Park Tools nor the expert way he rolled the tire on. Rather, what I saw was the Coors Classic cap Lance wore and the oh-so-classy Peugeot he was working on. Forget Lance showing me how to do anything, I want that bike!

Here’s the video in case you didn’t see it yet or want to check out some classic steel.

2 Responses to How to Look Classy While Fixing a Puncture

  1. sparecake says:

    That took him about 25 minutes less than it takes me, and he didn’t even end up with his face covered in tire grime.

  2. jdoggny says:

    I noticed the Coors cap too!

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